World Council of Spiritualists

Proposals from the 2014 World Congress:


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We believe at this time in history that it is important to unite – worldwide – around common Spiritualists principles. That which we hold in common is more important than anything that we can disagree upon. In the footsteps of Andrew Jackson Davis we seek Harmony amongst Division.

Mission Statement: The goal of the World Congress is to unite Spiritualists worldwide.

To support all Spiritualists individually and create new possibilities for Nature’s Divine Revelation.

A Message to Mankind

Proposal One: A World Council of Spiritualists

  • The response to our World Congress meeting has brought interest from may countries; including groups not here today, to create a World Council of Spiritualists.

  • We are asking you to support, if you wish to support, a World Council of Spiritualists: Mission Statement/Goal.

  • We believe that there should be levels of membership in this Council.

  • We, The Journey Within, would be a clearing house for this; until the first Council seated.

  • We would like to see the Council meet every two years, and a World Congress every four years.

  • The first Council will be seated in two years.

Proposal Two: Universal Set of Principles

  • A simple set of principles that we can agree on for the Council.

  • We are asking you to give some thought to this and to submit suggestions to us via email or mail. We ask that you submit your suggestions by October 1, 2014.

    Sample possible principles:

    • We believe in a God of Infinite Love & Wisdom

    • Progression is the birthright of every human soul

    • Communication between all realms and souls is demonstrated through mediumship

    • There is no door closed to human curiosity and perception

    • We believe Spiritualism is a religion, a science and a philosophy

    • We follow the Golden rule

Robert Owen 1847
Principles Discussed with Andrew Jackson Davis:
(Coalesced by Rev. Simon James

  1. God is the acting Principle in all things

  2. Man is the incarnate emanation of God

  3. Mankind is within brotherhood

  4. Human beings are responsible for their behavior.

  5. God’s intention is unknowable within the body but man must seek it within the spirit

  6. Joy, wisdom and Truth are the ultimate manifestation of living within the Divine Life.

from Cora Richmond (Hatch) 1893:

  1. The Universal Spirit pervading and governing the universe as Universal Intelligence.

  2. The individual spirit whether expressed in the earthly environment or in the larger freedom of the higher realm

Proposal Three: Universal Spiritualists' Statements:

  • Spiritualist World Peace Day

  • Spiritualists advocate the rights of each child to food, shelter and education.

Proposal Four:
That the Council focus on the Philosophy of Spiritualism

Proposal Five:
Delegates ideas on how to unite Spiritualists worldwide

Proposal Six:
The SNU proposes to host the next World Congress in 2018


**if you would like to comment/make suggestions on any of these proposals, please feel free to fill out the following form and submit it to us either by mail or email at

**please note: the deadline for the submission of this form is October 1, 2014**

World Congress Proposal Comment/Suggestion form

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World Congress 2014 program

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