First World Congress of Spiritualists 2014
A Summary

At the first World Congress of Spiritualism in Lily Dale, New York in June, 2014, Spiritualists from around the globe gathered to reaffirm the intentions and mission of Spiritualism. A series of proposals were put forward and suggestions were called for.
These proposals comprised:


Proposal #1: Creation of a World Council of Spiritualists. The establishment of a World Council of Spiritualists with levels of membership. The Council would meet every two years and a Congress would take place every four years.

Proposal #2: Creation of a set of Universal Principles. Defining a set of Spiritualist Principles upon which all can agree.

Proposal #3: Creation of a Universal Spiritualist Statement. This included an agenda of social advocacy and the establishment of World Peace Day.

Proposal #4: Affirmation of Council’s focus on the Philosophy of Spiritualism.

Proposal #5: Ways to unite Spiritualists worldwide.

Proposal #6: The Spiritualists National Union to host the next World Congress of Spiritualists in 2018.