An International Conference of Spiritualists

Join an exceptional panel of speakers and leaders for an extraordinary experience of education, inspiration and discussion centred around the philosophy of Spiritualism.

The World Council is a coming together of all the organisations that include:

National Association of Spiritualist Churches (NSAC)

The International Federation of Spiritualists (ISF)

Spiritualists’ National Union (SNU)

Spiritualist Church of Canada (SCC)

The mission of the World Congress is to unite Spiritualists worldwide around our common Principles.
Let us move Spiritualism into the 21st Century ~ together!


A Message to Humanity

We are at a crucial and tumultuous time in our human history, a time in which Spiritualists once again have the opportunity to step forward and make a difference, to turn the tide of separation we see all around us.

This can happen if we pull together in our shared understanding of the Spiritualist Principles and unite to create a tangible force for world change.

This can happen if we put our Principles into action and manifest the vision of Andrew Jackson Davis, that is, harmony rather than division.

This can happen if we accept that what we hold in common is far more important than anything we may disagree upon.

This can happen if we choose to make it so.

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World Congress of Spiritualists Conference