Join representatives from the major Spiritualist Organizations, as well as Spiritualists from around the world, for One Voice of Healing – One Voice of Prayer. Recorded on May 2, 2020.

Donations are encouraged to be made directly to The World Food Programme of the United Nations

Sponsored by The Journey Within

Thank you to all the Participants:

John Blackwood, Officiant of the Spiritualists National Union, Edinburgh Association of Spiritualists, Scotland
Reverend Celeste Elliott, Registered Medium & Board Member, Lily Dale Assembly, USA
Mia Ottosson CSNU, President of the Speak of Spirit Spiritualist Organization, Sweden
Ministers John & Miriam Fitzgerald of the Spiritualist Union of Ireland
Spiritual Minister Andre’ Kirsebom, Leader of NST, The Spiritualist Church of Norway
Reverend Richard Schoeller, NST, Vice President of the International Spiritualist Federation
Sarah Jeffery, President of the Canberra Spiritualist Association in Canberra, Australia
Dr. Dianne Visser, Melville Spiritualist Church, Sanctuary of Love, South Africa
Minister Simon James of the Open Door Sanctuary, Victoria, Canada
Daniela Gervasoni CSNUt, President of Spiritus Italia, Italy
Reverend Angela Morra, President of the Spiritualist Church of Canada
Minister David Bruton, President of the Spiritualists’ National Union, United Kingdom
Reverend Christine Krithades, President of the National Spiritualist Association of Churches, USA
Reverend Mavis Pittilla, Officiant of the Spiritualists’ National Union, United Kingdom
Lionel Owen TSNU and former President of the International Spiritualist Federation, South Africa
Reverend Janet Nohavec, Pastor of the Journey Within Spiritualists’ National Union Church, New Jersey, USA

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