First World Congress of Spiritualists 2014

At the first World Congress of Spiritualism in Lily Dale, New York in June, 2014, Spiritualists from around the globe gathered to reaffirm the intentions and mission of Spiritualism. A series of proposals were put forward and suggestions were called for.
These proposals comprised:

  1. Creation of a World Council of Spiritualists. The establishment of a World Council of Spiritualists with levels of membership. The Council would meet every two years and a Congress would take place every four years.
  2. Creation of a set of Universal Principles. Defining a set of Spiritualist Principles upon which all can agree.
  3. Creation of a Universal Spiritualist Statement. This included an agenda of social advocacy and the establishment of World Peace Day.
  4. Affirmation of Council’s focus on the Philosophy of Spiritualism.
  5. Ways to unite Spiritualists worldwide.
  6. The World Congress of Spiritualists to be hosted in many different locations around the world.