What we will do

Come and meet your fellow Spiritualists and colleagues from around the world. Connect with old friends and make new ones! Improve and share your knowledge of the religion and philosophy of Spiritualism. Rediscover the richness of your Spiritualist heritage as we proudly present distinguished international speakers and demonstrators who offer their insight and experience. Be revitalized!

Join delegates and speakers from around the world as we develop educational strategies, share our experience, learn from each other’s achievements, network with international Spiritualist societies, share common concerns and challenges, and offer encouragement with achievable solutions.

During the Conference

Revitalize the common bonds between all Spiritualists.
Create a harmonious forum for learning and discussion.
Strengthen knowledge through educational seminars and sharing.
Nurture ties between Spiritualist individuals.
Provide a fertile networking environment for those
in the Spiritualist ministry.
Support administrators, policy-makers, educators, professionals and researchers from Spiritualist organizations worldwide.

Frequently Asked Questions

Information will follow shortly

Information will follow shortly

The conference fee covers admission to all sessions, presentations, coffee breaks and lunches, and any official World Congress of Spiritualists publications, conference supplies and accompanying materials.

Information will follow shortly

The World Congress of Spiritualists conference is a not-for-profit event and, as such, conference fees are designed to cover only organizational expenses. There is unfortunately no surplus that could potentially be used for the purposes of financial assistance. We strongly encourage participants to attend the conference as delegates of their respective organizations and to seek funding from them.

For any additional information, please do not hesitate to contact us at info@wcos.org

Over to YOU

The World Congress is a unique opportunity to speak and to be heard by others who also call themselves Spiritualists. In this way, we can all deepen our individual understanding of Spiritualism and gain presence as a unified spiritual movement. Common ground makes us strong.

Spiritualism is its people. Spiritualism is you!

So let’s hear what you think …

In your opinion, what are the distinguishing aspects of Spiritualism that draw you to choose it over other belief systems?

Where would you like to see Spiritualism heading?

What, in your view, are the defining qualities of a true Spiritualist?

How can you, personally, make a tangible difference to the future of the  of Spiritualism?

Which Spiritualist traditions do you think we need to revive and which new practices do we need to create?

Thank you for your contribution !

Your vision of the future

It is time to move Spiritualism into the living fabric of modern 21st century life. This idea is key to the purpose of the World Congress. The way in which we achieve this depends upon your participation!

Please let us know what your vision is for the World Congress by responding to the questions below:


What specific ideas or themes would you like to see discussed?

What are you personally hoping to achieve during the World Congress?

What protocols or events would you like to see incorporated into the Congress?

Do you have any other ideas you would like to share regarding the programs at the World Congress of Spiritualists?


Thank you for your contribution!